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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I expect to happen at my first Physical Therapy appointment?
The first Physical Therapy appointment is largely an evaluative appointment for your treating therapist to clarify the diagnosis made by the referring physician, as well as functionally evaluate movement deficits, strength and flexibility issues, as well as provide education to the patient in regards to their diagnosis. This appointment also serves to start the direction of the treatment "plan" that will set forth the direction of treatment for you during Physical Therapy.


2. What should I bring to my first Physical Therapy Evaluation?
Please bring with you to your first appointment your Referral from your Physician regarding the body part(s) being treated as well as any other pertinent test results (i.e. X-ray or MRI/CT scan reports). It is also helpful to your treating therapist if you provide clarification to details regarding your past medical/physical history. Please also bring your insurance card and appropriate insurance information for billing.

3. What should I wear to my Physical Therapy appointments? 
It is appropriate to wear comfortable, loose clothing to your appointment. If it is necessary, we will have gowns or shorts if need be for treatment.

4. How long will are my Physical Therapy appointments? 

Your appointment will average 45 minutes to a little over an hour. If you have time constraints due to work or other appointments, please let your treating therapist know and we will do everything to accommodate your schedule.

5. Should I expect Physical Therapy to be painful?
NO. More typical is a response of light soreness, or a feeling of the treatment area being "worked," but there are very few diagnosis treated that Physical Therapy treatment should cause pain. If you have any pain response, it should be discussed with your treating therapist at great length for both parties to clarify the goal of the treatment plan.

6. How do I continue to make "gains" between Physical Therapy treatments?
You are the most important part of the "team" between patient and therapist. Your treating Physical Therapist will more-than-likely give you homework of specific exercise and/or stretching to do between therapy appointments to augment the modes of treatment provided during your Physical Therapy sessions. It is very important that you follow the specific instructions given to you regarding these exercises, and if you are unclear in any way, please contact us at ProAction Physical Therapy to clarify the specifics of these prescribed exercises.

7. What is the "goal" I should expect in Physical Therapy with ProAction Physical Therapy?
We at ProAction Physical Therapy feel it is important that we continually strive for improvements in our quality of life, which often start from health and wellness. Your treatment will educate you on how your body optimally functions, and set the path to achieve this goal.


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